Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mercury and Venus Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, April 9th joining retrograde Venus until she turns direct next Saturday.  Both Mercury and Venus in retrograde motion during the coming week signal a time when decisions are based on incomplete or inaccurate information, and long-standing partnerships, alliances and agreements are tested.  This is the time to review, revisit and reconsider your options, but expect some agreements to fall apart. 

Venus turns direct Saturday, April 15, while Mercury remains retrograde for the next three plus weeks. Mercury is associated with decisions, and all forms of communication, so during the retrograde cycle, people change their minds, cancel plans, delay decisions and procrastinate.  This is not the best time to sign contracts, agreements, leases or anything else of a legal nature because there will be hidden complications. Mercury's province extends to communications equipment and hardware which often malfunctions or completely breaks down during this cycle. If possible, delay the purchase or installation of new equipment until Mercury is direct.   

If it is necessary to make a commitment or a final decision during this cycle, it will be revisited at a later date.  It is, however, a good time to re-consider all your options then move forward once Mercury is direct.   

Current cycle:  Mercury Rx 4/9/2017 – turns Direct 5/3/2017 Venus turns Direct April 15