Thursday, March 2, 2017

Venus Turning Retrograde

Between Saturday March 4 and Saturday April 15, Venus will be retrograde. Venus is the planet associated with matters of the heart, marriage, creativity and money. During her retrograde cycle, it is not unusual to experience challenges in these areas. So personal, business and even casual relationships, may all come under review in one form or another.  It is therefore, not a favorable time to begin a new relationship or to get married.  But you may reconnect with someone from the past, or hear about an old flame, and if this happens, things will move slowly.  

It is likely that you will reflect on the value of all your relationships, ending those that no longer feel supportive or fulfilling. If a relationship is entered into at this time, it may not be an open and rewarding experience. Often affection is withheld, denied or limited, and not everything is as it appears.

Since Venus also relates to money and finances, the Venus retrograde cycle often inhibits the flow of money and material rewards. It is not the best time to apply for a loan or to take on too much debt. If an investment is made at this time, it may not be profitable or it may be less profitable than anticipated. Moreover, the purchase of luxury items should be delayed until Venus is direct. This is an appropriate time to engage in some form of charitable work.  

As with all retrograde cycles, use this time to review, reconsider and reevaluate your options, make whatever changes you deem appropriate, and look forward to rewarding experiences ahead.