Saturday, August 31, 2013

Variable Day

The moon remains in Cancer throughout the day until she turns void-of-course at 7:07 PM eastern time. The moon in Cancer is a time when sensitivity is heightened and people feel the influence of their surroundings in a personal way. This is a wonderful time to connect with nature and those things that bring you peace of mind. Spend some time with family and loved ones and put business matters on hold.

Today and tomorrow are favorable times to clean out the closets, garage, and attic, hold a yard sale, and get rid of stuff. The Sun and Pluto is in a favorable alignment indicating a good time to renew, renovate and get things in order.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Variable Day

A variable day is one in which the climate is changing so if you are interested in launching a new project, be prepared to make last-minute changes. This is a time when your words and ideas make an impression on those in a position to help. You can submit a manuscript, make a speech, offer a presentation, or host a public function and the outcome will be positive.

However, today's moon in Cancer heightens sensitivity and you may have to sooth someone's feelings along the way. Budget wisely to avoid over-spending.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Neutral Day

Neutral refers to a day that lacks sufficient energy to get something off the ground so new initiatives should be put on hold. This assessment is given when the moon is void-of-course for the entire day, but it may also be given when planetary and moon activity is minimal. While the moon is void, mental acuity is not at its peak and judgment is often impaired. But the intuitive channels are wide open making this an excellent time to turn inward. Find inspiration from nature, music, or whatever eases your soul.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Day

On a good day it is easier to succeed with new initiatives because both planetary and moon alignments are mostly positive. The afternoon hours are best while the moon in Gemini applies to positive alignments with Venus (social interaction) and Uranus (innovative concepts) making this a time when unique ideas attract public support.

Mercury still favorably aligned with Pluto adds an element of persuasiveness to words making this a favorable time for marketing your project. You may also want to consider using your communication skills for public speaking, seminars, presentations and the like.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Variable Day

A variable day is one in which the climate is changing so if you are interested in launching a new initiative, be prepared to adapt to circumstances beyond your control. For example, someone you were depending on may be unable to help, or costs are higher than expected. In any case, you can still succeed if you are able to adapt. On a day like this, it's a good idea to have a backup plan.

The moon remains in Taurus favorably aligned with Mars. You will make headway if you're not bent on getting everything just right. Do your best then let it go.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Challenging Day

The moon remains in Taurus extending yesterday's influence throughout the day. If you are planning to launch something now, keep in mind that misunderstandings may lead to errors in judgment. You may be getting mixed signals or listening to someone who is misinformed.  Let intuition guide you today. This is not the time for heady decisions.

Many relationships have been tested in the last few days as people try to balance the desire for freedom and the need for an intimate relationship.  The planets Venus (love) and Uranus (freedom) in a challenging alignment suggests that some time apart may be just what the doctor ordered. The climate changes by mid-week.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Challenging Day

On a challenging day you are likely to run into obstacles that impede your ability to succeed with whatever new initiatives are launched.  A number of challenging planetary alignments today describes a climate of instability.  Facts are hard to come by and unreliable or misleading information may lead to errors in judgment.  People are noncommittal or indecisive.  If you feel you are standing on shifting sands know that everyone else is to. Wait for the dust to settle.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Challenging Day

The moon remains in Aries extending yesterday's influence throughout the day. Though the tendency is to move quickly and push forward, forceful tactics will not get you very far today.  People you come in contact with may have a hidden agenda. This is a time when others can be manipulative in a quest to have their desires fulfilled.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Challenging Day

On a challenging day you are likely to run into difficulties that impede your ability to succeed. Today the moon is in Aries, sign of assertiveness, but this is a time when such behavior can backfire. Generally when the moon is in Aries people want to work independently so if your plans require the cooperation or participation of others, it's best to wait it out.

Moreover, Venus in challenging alignment with Pluto puts a strain on relationships, whether business or personal in nature. Everyone has an opinion but cooperation is hard to come by. As Mercury moves into Virgo later today, people can be overly critical focusing on what's wrong rather than what's right.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Day

The moon remains in Pisces extending yesterday's influence through today.  While the moon is in Pisces people are drawn to music, the arts and all things of beauty. Moreover, intuitive and psychic impressions are heightened making this a time when you should follow your instincts and feelings.

The sun moves into Virgo this evening, shifting focus to things of a practical nature.
For the next few weeks communications take on a realistic tone as issues are examined and analyzed. This is a good time to take on projects that provide a service to others.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello Friends

Hi all

I just created a Facebook page and would very much appreciate if you "like me" and of course become my friend. Hope to see you there :)

Good Day

On a good day planetary and moon alignments are favorable creating a receptive environment in which to launch new initiatives and have a successful outcome.

Today the moon is in Pisces, sign of artistry, creativity and intuition. While the moon is in Pisces imagination is strong and psychic impressions are not uncommon. This is because Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which holds sway over intangible forces. This is the time to listen to your inner guidance.  Moreover, this is a favorable climate in which to further all artistic projects like writing, acting, musical concerts or dance recitals.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Challenging Day

This evening's full moon in Aquarius brings to light social issues and stimulates an interest in the welfare of others.  This is a time when innovative ideas can catch on and draw public attention. However, everyone wants to go their own way making it difficult to form a consensus.

Moreover, Jupiter is in challenging alignment with Uranus, planet of extremes. Taking unnecessary risks can put your plans in jeopardy.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Challenging Day

On a challenging day it is difficult to succeed because planetary and moon alignments are not supportive, creating an environment of circumstances beyond your control. 

Today's moon in Aquarius contributes to a climate of fun and excitement but people lack restraint and go overboard when they should conserve.  However, this is a time when inventive, original ideas abound. Those who can access this wisdom have the opportunity to break new ground.  Expect resistance from traditionalists who don't want change.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mixed Day

On a mixed day two or more influences are in effect making certain times of the day better than others. The day begins with the moon in Capricorn applying to a difficult alignment with Mars. This is a challenging time; progress is slow, people are cautious and unwilling to compromise.

The moon turns void-of-course at 2:27 PM eastern time and remains so until tomorrow morning. While the moon is void, postpone new initiatives because there is not enough momentum to get something off the ground. Moreover, delay important decisions while the moon is void. Information is incomplete, incorrect or unreliable.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Challenging Day

On a challenging day it is more difficult to succeed and the effort put forth often goes unrewarded. Today the moon is in Capricorn which tends to slow things down because it is necessary to follow the rules, comply with regulations or answer to those in charge.

A serious tone marks the day so be prepared to get down to business. Moreover, unexpected or last-minute changes may interfere with your plans. Best to delay new initiatives until the climate improves.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mixed Day

Moon in Sagittarius
Moon void-of-course at 1:33 PM

A mixed day is one in which two or more influences are in effect and certain times of the day are better than others to initiate something. The early part of the day is best because by mid-day the moon turns void-of-course and remains void until 11:26 PM eastern time.

While the moon is void, it is best to delay new initiatives because there is little momentum to get anything off the ground. Moreover, final decisions should be postponed because more information is needed. Instead, use this time for creative projects or just kick back and relax. The intuitive channels are open while the mind tends to wander.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Day

On a good day the planets align harmoniously creating a supportive environment in which you have the best conditions to launch a new initiative or to do anything of importance. On such days it is much easier to have a successful outcome. 

Today the moon is in Sagittarius. Everyone is feeling more optimistic and adventurous. This is a good time to travel, engage in competitive sports, or undertake new studies. Moreover, Mercury in favorable alignment with Uranus brings forth unique, creative ideas and this is the time to act on them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Day

On a good day favorable planetary and moon alignments create a climate in which it is easier to have success with whatever you are doing. Whether you are planning a special event, a business initiative, or a major purchase, the timing is supportive. 

The moon remains in Scorpio extending yesterday's influence throughout the day. This is a time when original and creative ideas are received with open arms.  Consider reviving a project that has been on the back burner. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Timing and the Moon

There is an entire branch of astrology devoted to timing in which the Moon plays a very important role. Although the Moon is not the only consideration, it is a very effective tool in determining a good time to take action. This branch of astrology is called electional astrology - the astrology of timing. But you don’t have to learn this subject to understand how to use the Moon to improve your timing. The Moon is the closest orbiting body to earth and as such she is responsible for setting events in motion. Here we will show you how to work with the Moon’s daily motion, her sign and aspects to improve your timing.

To begin with, we have to find the times during which the Moon is void-of-course. Since the Moon changes signs approximately every two-and-a-half days, she is considered void when she ceases to form any major applying aspect to another planet before moving into the next sign. During these time intervals, things usually don't turn out as planned. As a rule of thumb "nothing of consequence" will evolve when the Moon is void so it's best to avoid planning important events during these times. Routine activities, however, are usually not affected and the void-of-course Moon does favor artistic, creative and leisure activities. 
As a general rule, it is most desirable to begin a new project or one that requires growth after a New Moon. The two-and-a-half week period after the New Moon each month is the Moon's waxing phase. She is increasing in light, going from new to full, and anything done during this time has the best chance for growth, expansion and gain.  The two-and-a-half week period after the Full Moon is the Moon's waning phase. She is decreasing in light, and this is the best time to consolidate, organize and complete that which you began earlier. A decreasing Moon is also desirable for activities where you want to minimize the outcome or result. For instance if you get a haircut on a decreasing Moon it will grow in more slowly than it will on a waxing Moon cycle.

Because the Moon moves so quickly, she may make several aspects during the course of a day. The Moon's first applying aspect at the time you begin something describes how your action gets off the ground and/or the circumstances you may encounter. The Moon's last aspect before she changes signs describes the end result or eventual outcome of your action.

If you were planning to go on a job interview, for example, you would try to pick a time when the Moon is applying to a favorable aspect with another planet. This positive first aspect supports a smooth beginning. A conjunction, sextile or trine falls into this category and the nature of the planet the Moon is applying to will tell you something about what you can expect.
If at the time of your interview the Moon first applies to a trine with Mercury, the planet that rules communication, you can expect written and oral communication to go well.  If, however, the Moon is applying to an opposition with Mercury, your interview might get off to a rocky start, as oppositions indicate some disagreement and the need to compromise. This does not indicate the final outcome of your interview. For that we have to look at the Moon's final aspect before she changes signs. If the Moon's final aspect is a sextile to Venus, you have a pretty good chance of getting that job.

But let's say you scheduled your job interview during a time when the Moon was applying to a stressful aspect such as a square to Mercury instead of a trine. This doesn't automatically spell disaster but does indicate you may run into some Mercury related complications. Perhaps you couldn't get your car started and you arrived late for your interview.  Since Mercury also rules automobiles and mechanical devices, this is one possible scenario, and the square indicates the need to overcome something.

The sign the Moon occupies describes the general mood or feel of the day.  The nature of the planet she aspects will tell you something about what you can expect. To help you determine the best time to take action note the Moon’s sign and her aspects:

Moon through the signs

Aires: When the Moon is in Aries people are active and energetic and may be somewhat aggressive or headstrong. The Moon in Aries favors new and innovative projects. Take the initiative. This fire sign favors quick action and immediate results.

Taurus: In Taurus the pace slows down and caution prevails. People tend to be concerned with material security. The Moon in Taurus favors planned, deliberate action. Choose the Taurus Moon when you want your project to have clout.

Gemini: Moon in Gemini indicates restlessness and people have trouble making up their minds. This sign favors doing two things at once but expect to make changes. Choose this Moon sign when you have to do research but postpone a final decision.

Cancer: Moon in Cancer shows sensitivity and people tend to be moody. It is easy to overindulge. This placement favors domestic issues and self-protection. Choose this Moon sign for family matters or to plan a special meal.

Leo: Moon in Leo brings out one's affectionate nature. People are generous and more willing to take a chance. This sign favors taking risks that turn out to be successful. Choose a Leo Moon when you’re planning a party or other entertainment. 

Virgo: Moon in Virgo indicates people will be more discriminating than usual, somewhat critical and concerned about the details. Virgo Moon favors attending to routine tasks. You may have to make an important decision.

Libra: Moon in Libra supports anything that requires teamwork. Cooperation and fairness is emphasized. Choose Libra Moon for marriage or a partnership venture. You can expect others to be obliging.

˜ Scorpio: Moon in Scorpio brings out strong passions and people can be forceful. Scorpio Moon favors doing things behind the scenes. Actions tend to be secrete or not in the open. This is good for investigations and research.

Sagittarius: Moon in Sagittarius brings out the desire for travel and adventure. People are more spontaneous and willing to take risks. Moon here favors licensing, documentation and filing legal papers.                                

š Capricorn: Serious work is on everyone's mind with the Moon in Capricorn. Often people are somewhat pessimistic and things proceed slowly. Capricorn Moon favors lasting results but expect some challenges.

Aquarius: Moon in Aquarius favors group activities and getting together with friends. Though people are friendly they are somewhat impersonal. Moon here favors doing something different, spontaneous and unplanned.  

œ Pisces: Moon in Pisces heightens sensitivity and people can be somewhat distracted or imaginative. Misunderstandings are possible so it’s best to clarify everything. When the Moon is in Pisces people want to help you or vice versa.

When beginning something new take note of the Moon’s first and last aspect before she changes signs. These are the two most important considerations. Her first and last aspects tell you what to expect as you begin and the likely outcome of your project respectively. 

Moon’s aspects

 Conjunction: is usually a favorable aspect; it supports the beginning of something new or the early stages of development. It brings people together. You should initiate action.  If it is the Moon’s final aspect it suggests the end result is a new beginning.

Æ Sextile: is a favorable aspect offering opportunity, information and generally favorable circumstances. You can get the facts. If it is the Moon’s final aspect you end up getting the help you need. 

Å Square: is a stressful aspect although the obstacle can be overcome with effort on your part. Often this indicates the need to work hard to get things going. If it is the Moon’s final aspect it can be difficult to overcome the challenge but not impossible.

Ä Trine: is a very favorable aspect; little effort is required to get things going because luck is on your side. It brings good results, which you often know about ahead of time. If it is the Moon’s final aspect it shows a successful outcome.  

à Opposition: is a stressful aspect – but you are fully aware of the problem. You may be able to come to an agreement if you are willing to give up something. If it is the Moon’s final aspect it shows the need to compromise otherwise the matter is dropped.

The Moon has more to say and each planet she aspects will tell you something about the circumstances about to unfold. When she applies to:

¢ Sun: interaction with those in positions of power; administrators, executives, employers, superiors or children. The Sun describes people who make an impression and are in a strong position. It often defines one who is influential and respected and who may be able to help you.  

£ Mercury: contact with agents, brokers, salesmen, and mechanics. You may sign a contract or reach an agreement with someone. Mercury describes people who are versatile, intelligent and can be indecisive. It suggests you may need to gather more information before making a decision.

¤ Venus: transactions with bankers and financial experts; artists and musicians; teachers and counselors; decorators and designers; beauticians and hairdressers. Venus describes people who are interested in social standing and equal rights. When the Moon apples to Venus an atmosphere of balance prevails.

¥ Mars: contact with dynamic, assertive people; or craftsmen, dentists, and mechanics. Mars describes people who are willing to take on a challenge or circumstances that require courage and self-reliance. When the Moon applies to Mars you should take the initiative but beware of possible conflicts and disagreements.

¦ Jupiter: exchange with advisers, advertising agents, travel agents and professors. Jupiter describes people who are generous, principled and trustworthy. They can be intellectual or philanthropic. When the Moon applies to Jupiter legal issues can be resolved through negotiation. A conciliatory atmosphere prevails.

§ Saturn: interaction with those in authority – employer or boss; managers and department heads; older people and elders. Saturn describes serious circumstances and people who are cautious and may want control. They can be reliable, dependable or problematic. When the Moon applies to Saturn expect delays. You have to persevere.

¨ Uranus: contact with astrologers and other unusual people; technicians and electricians; creative and eccentric people; scientists and inventors. Uranus describes quick changing circumstances and an unexpected outcome. When the Moon applies to Uranus try to be flexible and go with the flow.

© Neptune: contact with musicians and artists; intuitive and creative people; chemists and druggists; ailing or sick people. Neptune describes dubious circumstances and people who do not have all the facts or are withholding something. When the Moon applies to Neptune there is likely to be confusion regarding the outcome of your project.

ª Pluto: contact with detectives and policemen; tax and insurance agents; healers and doctors; large groups of people. Pluto describes people who do not reveal their intentions; also questionable circumstances are afoot. When the Moon applies to Pluto something is hidden and problems are revealed later on.   

In timing with the Moon remember she is allowed all applying aspects and it doesn't matter how long it takes her to complete these.  So if you begin your project on Monday at 11:00 AM when the Moon is applying to a conjunction with another planet, just look ahead to the Moon's final aspect before she changes signs to determine the final outcome. The applying or next aspect must be in effect at the time you begin your activity. So if you scheduled an 11:00 AM appointment, the applying aspect is the next one that occurs after that time. Then look ahead to her final aspect to learn the outcome.

In summary: 1) try to choose a positive applying Moon aspect at the time you begin your activity 2) avoid the times when the Moon is void-of-course 3) take into account the Moon sign as it sets the tone 4) if you are beginning a long-term project that requires growth, choose a waxing Moon 5) the Moon’s final aspect should be a positive one to support the best outcome

Once you get into the habit of watching the Moon you will be better able to time your initiatives for optimum results. The reward – more successful outcomes many times over!

© Copyright 2005-2013 by Joann Hampar
Joann Hampar is the author of Electional Astrology: The Art of Timing
 (Llewellyn, 2005)
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Good Day

On a good day it is easier to be successful with new initiatives because the moon and planetary alignments are supportive.  Today Mercury in favorable aspect with Uranus creates a climate in which original and creative ideas flourish. If you are inspired now is the time to take action. Moreover, the moon in Scorpio will end the day in a positive alignment with Venus so the climate is receptive, people are open to change, and you can make your dreams come true.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Timing is Everything

At a very early age, I was aware of the symmetry between universal forces and the human experience. So when I came upon astrology, it was a very natural progression for me to begin working with electional astrology, the system of timing. I have always kept records and prepared charts for every significant occurrence in my life. Eventually, I got in the habit of setting up charts for current events, and charts for events in the lives of friends and clients. The perfection of the event chart became apparent over time, in terms of its ability to wholly reflect the current circumstances and everything surrounding it. Election was the next logical step because it is simply an event chart set for some time in the future, and its goal is to find a perfect time that will support the outcome we want. 

 The years I have spent working with electional astrology have taught me that timing is everything. I rarely undertake anything of importance without first selecting the time, and it is the most requested service I provide for my clients. The reason is that it works. I think everyone can relate to something in their lives that would have gone better if the timing had been different.

When working with election, it is easy to see the difference between a good day and one that is not so desirable. Furthermore, there are times that support some undertakings better than others. When you consider that every endeavor has its planetary equivalent, one can look for a day when that planet is in favorable aspect with the Moon. The Moon is the primary consideration in electional astrology, and because she moves so quickly, it is easy to work with the Moon. You can improve your timing just by observing her applying aspects. For example, a good day for marriage would feature the Moon in a favorable applying aspect with Venus, the planet that rules love and relationships. Of course there is a lot more to electional astrology and it is well worth the effort to learn because it is one of the most useful, positive and powerful astrological tools we have. And since its primary goal is to improve success, it is a noble undertaking. There is no contradiction between the desires of any individual and the ability of the universe to fulfill them. Electional astrology is simply a tool to help you align with what you want more of at the time.

A very good practice is to keep accurate records of significant events. If you begin to examine charts for these events, you will always see the correlation in the astrological symbolism. The practice of election is the same process, only it is a preview of the event. On those rare occasions when you are able to achieve a near-perfect election, it is like getting in alignment with the power of the universe and flowing with it. It is a most exhilarating experience.

Electional Astrology the art of timing
by Joann Hampar
Llewellyn Publications

Neutral Day

Neutral refers to a day in which there is not enough momentum to get something going, therefore, projects should be put on hold for awhile. This time is best for creative projects or leisure activities.

The moon moves into Scorpio at 4:19 PM eastern time. While the moon is in this sign, examine, investigate, and uncover hidden secretes. This is a good time for strategic planning.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Challenging Day

The moon remains in Libra extending yesterday's influence through today. Though compromise is needed, there is little effort in that direction. Those with conservative ideas butt heads with more progressive thinkers. Right now, attitudes seem to be inflexible and everything is at a standstill.  Criticism and confrontation just make matters worse so try to postpone important initiatives and wait for a better day.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Variable Day

Variable refers to a changing environment in which the outcome is unclear. If you should initiate something now, it will be necessary to adapt to changing conditions. Though the moon has moved into Libra, sign of compromise, there is little movement in that direction today. People tend to think the worst and that attitude contributes to a climate of caution and concern. But as Mercury in difficult alignment with Saturn culminates tomorrow, attitudes improve, disagreements are resolved, and things begin to move forward.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good Day

The moon remains in Virgo extending yesterday's influence throughout the day. By early evening the moon is aligned with Venus and romance is in the air.  If you begin
a new relationship while the moon and Venus are in Virgo, intellectual interests are paramount. This is a time when people are very particular when it comes to selecting a partner.

This is a good time to begin projects that require a sharp mind, good organization and a high degree of intelligence, as long as you can withstand the scrutiny and critical analysis that Virgo symbolizes.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Day

On a good day both planetary and moon alignments are supportive creating an environment which is receptive to your initiatives. While the moon is in Virgo people tend to be discriminating and overly-critical but intellectual endeavors are favored. Strive for clarity in communications. Projects that provide a service can do very well in this climate because people want to help one another.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Neutral Day

The moon is void-of-course all day until midnight on the east coast. While the moon is void delay new initiatives because they seldom get off the ground and if they do there is little momentum to keep them going. Moreover, decisions made during this time are often misguided because important information is missing.

This is a good time to take care of yourself. Plan a day at the spa or enjoy a favorite pastime. Furthermore, should you receive bad news during this time, it is probably not as serious as first thought. The rule of thumb is "nothing to worry about".


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Variable Day

Variable refers to a changing environment in which the outcome is uncertain. Success is dependent upon your ability to adapt. For instance someone you were depending on may drop out and you find yourself scrambling for a replacement.  If you are able to implement changes quickly, you can succeed.

The new moon occurs today at 5:51 PM eastern time in the sign of Leo setting the tone for the month ahead.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, so this is a time when people want recognition for their individual accomplishments. However as Jupiter makes a difficult alignment with Pluto, the bigger the idea the greater the resistance. So trim the budget, make adjustments and eliminate waste then go forward.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Mixed Day

The day begins with a void-of-course moon until 12:58 PM eastern time. While the moon is void delay new initiatives because they seldom take hold. Decisions made during this time are rarely acted upon and if they are usually fall short of expectations.

The new moon in Leo occurs tomorrow. Right before the new moon, energy and resources are diminished. Although the new moon is associated with new beginnings, it is best to wait a day until the moon moves further from the sun, before initiating something new.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Day

On a good day it is easier to succeed because planetary and moon alignments are supportive. Today the moon is in Cancer, the most sensitive of the moon signs. People are often emotional and overreact to perceived criticism. But the Sun in favorable alignment with Uranus provides an upbeat environment in which all things original and creative are well received.  This is the time to take your ideas to new heights.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Variable Day

Variable refers to a changing environment in which the outcome is more dependent upon your ability to adapt. The moon is in its own sign of Cancer where sensitivity and feelings dominate. This is the time to follow your instincts. Early in the day optimism will carry things forward.  But be prepared to stand firm if challenged. In the end you will succeed if you have a good idea and a solid plan to implement it.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Neutral Day

The moon is void-of-course for the entire day. On such days, new initiatives should be postponed because they seldom take hold. While it is not a good time to further business matters or to make final decisions, this time can be put to good use. Plan a day at the spa, relax, meditate and just take care of yourself. Put aside heady matters for now. Moreover, should you receive bad news while the moon is void, there is probably nothing to worry about because information is often inaccurate.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mixed Day

The day begins with the Moon in Gemini continuing yesterday's influence until she turns void-of-course at 12:49 PM eastern time. The moon remains void for an extended period of time until Saturday morning. While it is not a good time to further business
matters or to make final decisions, this time can be put to good use. For instance, if
you do not want your offer to be accepted, make it during a void moon. During the time when the moon is void take care of yourself, relax, meditate, and have fun with creative interests like music, art and dance.