Friday, January 27, 2017

Challenging Day - New Moon

The moon has moved into Aquarius, sign of sudden and unexpected changes. She will conjunct the Sun this evening for a new moon in early degrees of Aquarius.  In the next few weeks we are likely to witness some surprising headlines and we are challenged to remain diligent in weeding out the truth.  On Saturday Mars moves into Aries, its natural sign. This is a strong position for the action planet, where forceful behavior is to be expected.  The challenge is to listen carefully while remaining ever ready to spring to action when a line is crossed.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Neutral Day - Last Quarter Moon

The day begins with a void-of-course moon until 5:09 PM eastern time when she moves into Scorpio forming the last quarter moon in zero degrees of Scorpio.  Quarter moons often provoke a mini-crisis of some kind, and in the secretive sign of Scorpio, expect new disclosures or disturbing information to surface. However, once we sort through the veil of secrecy it is possible to make headway. The Sun moves into Aquarius later today, suggesting that new and innovative ideas will show the way forward.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Variable Day - Mercury Direct

The moon has moved into Gemini, sign of communication, and ruler of this sign Mercury, has turned direct.  Although it will take a few days before Mercury gains momentum, we begin to see clarification of misunderstandings that occurred during the three week retrograde. Things start to move forward, although slowly, inaccuracies are addressed, misleading information is reexamined, and missteps corrected. Thursday’s full moon will shed more light on needed reforms in the months ahead.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Good Day - First Quarter Moon

The moon has moved into Aries aligning with the Sun for the first quarter moon at 2:48 PM today.   Quarter moons often provoke a mini-crisis of some kind, and in the assertive sign of Aries, expect a healthy dose of bold and brash statements to make headlines.  However, this is a favorable time to show courage and put your confidence on display. If others attempt to bully, stand your ground. All ends well when you have facts to support your position.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Good Day - Happy New Year

The moon has moved into Aquarius, the sign of originality and unconventional ideas, indicating that 2017 will be a mix of surprising and unexpected changes in many areas.  The Aquarius moon is accompanied by a Mars Neptune close conjunction on New Year's morning.  On a positive note, this influence offers an opportunity for spiritual growth, and advances in the medical field. But this alignment also fosters a tendency to exaggerate facts and to mislead many for selfish purposes.  So in the months ahead, trust your inner guidance to help discern the truth.