Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Neutral Day

Except for the early morning hours, the moon is void-of-course all day until late evening when she moves into Taurus. While routine matters are less affected, important decisions and new initiatives should be postponed during moon void intervals as there is not enough momentum going forward. Instead let your imagination flow toward artistic and creative activities. Follow your instincts and pay less attention to what people are saying.  Mars continues in retrograde until the end of this month.  This is often a frustrating time for many who want to move forward but it is difficult to make progress. Instead use this time to reevaluate all options. Put plans in place and move forward once Mars is direct.  If a project is already underway, use this time to make adjustments, and/or improvements if you can.  Patience will be tested and angry outbursts are not uncommon during this cycle. Practices such as meditation and yoga help to mitigate anger.