Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mercury Retrograde - What Does it Mean?

About three times a year the planet Mercury slows in orbit and assumes apparent retrograde motion. In other words, it seems to go backwards. As a result, many things associated with Mercury also suffer setbacks, delays, cancellations or revisions. Since Mercury has rulership over all forms of communication, written and oral -- this is not the time to sign contracts, purchase or sale agreements, leases or anything else of a legal nature because there will be hidden complications. Mercury's province extends to communications equipment and hardware which often malfunctions or completely breaks down during this cycle. It’s best to delay the purchase or installation of new equipment of any kind, until Mercury is direct. Since Mercury is the planet associated with thought, decisions, and all things analytical, it’s no wonder mistakes occur while Mercury appears to be going backward. Indecision, miscommunication, faulty facts or reversal of fortune are likely during this cycle. Moreover, information can be inaccurate or incomplete necessitating further investigation before a conclusion can be reached. Hence, more delays. So it’s no wonder astrologers tell their clients to delay final decisions and sign nothing during the retrograde cycle. If it is necessary to make a commitment or final decision during this cycle, it will be revisited at a later date. It is, however, a good time to re-consider all your options pertaining to the matter at hand but wait until Mercury is direct to make a final decision. Current cycle: Mercury Rx 1/5/2015 – turns Direct 1/25/2015 4:50 PM eastern time